Out-of-the-Box Support Group
For individuals with a proclivity to non-mainstream relationships and lifestyles.

This support and process group will focus on current, day-to-day challenges such as relationships, stress, self-care, mood, and sexuality.

Led by Lara Willing, Psychotherapist (LMFT #93111).

I have been leading personal growth support groups for almost 20 years. Relationships are central to the work I do with individuals and groups. Relationships present some of our greatest joys and challenges. You will find the relationships within this group will provide new possibilities for growth and insight. Group members must complete an individual screening session prior to beginning group.

When & Where:
To be announced.

What & How:
Participants will be encouraged to give and receive emotional support within the group through authentic sharing, empathetic listening, gentle feedback, and conscious introspection. My hope is that this will be a space where you can share honestly without having to explain yourself or risking being judged.

Group members are expected to attend every meeting of the group. The cost is for the full series, whether you attend all group meetings or not. Please let me know if you need a payment schedule or fee adjustment. I can provide a superbill upon request for possible insurance reimbursement.

Support groups are a wonderful way to participate in therapy while learning more about yourself and others and feeling more connected.

I look forward to hearing from you!