Learning to repair ruptures in (and through) the relationship can lead to improved connection, trust, and intimacy.

I offer a safe & supportive container for exploration.

Do we need Couples Therapy?

Relationships can be both challenging and rewarding. They take time and effort. Relationships tend to bring up past wounds and patterns for healing. Learning to repair ruptures in (and through) the relationship can lead to improved connection, trust, and intimacy. Therapy for couples can help with this.

There are many common issues that people in relationship face, either individually or together:

  • Fears about distance vs. intimacy with your partner
  • Questions about how healthy and fulfilling the relationship really is
  • Worries about the amount or intensity of fighting
  • Concerns about sexual desire, technique, or quality of connection
  • Trust and communication issues
  • Repairing after infidelity or ruptures in trust
  • Questions about monogamy and other potential agreements

Here are some potentially useful or interesting resources for couples

Relationships are made up of two (or more) people. Each person must take responsibility for their own part in relationship problems. I use a collaborative approach to help each partner really hear their partner’s concerns and desires. I try to translate the fighting, complaining, and withdrawing that partners do into intimate, genuine sharing. Partners can learn to turn fighting and withdrawal into opportunities for connected communication.

I offer a safe, supportive, sex-positive environment for people of all persuasions to move toward greater connection. I am enthusiastic about working with open, poly, kink, or out-of-the-box relationships. Vanilla, kinky, and everywhere in between. I have experience with many flavors of sexuality and sexual orientation, and it all comes down to connection.

It’s worthy to note that therapy can also help people to clarify whether they want to remain in relationship. If they decide to end or change the nature of their relationship, therapy can help people find loving, clean ways of separating or making changes in the nature of their relationship.


Here’s a quick, very casual video I made talking about how I work with couples. Please excuse the glare and the hair. LOL