A hallmark of depression is how overwhelmed & hopeless you feel. It can be really hard to make the effort to find help.

You’ve taken an important step.

Are you experiencing depression?

  • Do you have periods of lethargy, sadness, or lack of purpose?
  • Do you wish you felt better about yourself or treated yourself better?
  • Do you have a current or past trauma that affects you deeply?
  • Do you question your worth or value?
  • Are you wracked with regret about past choices?

I have deep compassion for your suffering. Nobody chooses to feel sad and hopeless. We all learn how to respond to the outside world, and many of the patterns and skills we learn no longer serve us. I create a safe, comfortable environment for you to explore your concerns, look at patterns that are not serving you, and try new ways of approaching life. I hold a very tender space for this vulnerable exploration.


One of the hallmarks of depression is how overwhelmed and hopeless you can feel. When you are depressed, it can be really hard to make the effort to find help. This is a time when you have to draw on your deepest inner resources to reach out for support.

Depression can have medical or lifestyle causes, or both. Your doctor can help you rule out medical causes. Many people with depression use anti-depressant medications to alleviate some of the symptoms. Most people also need therapy to help make changes in the underlying causes of depression.

Therapy can help you sort through your habits, relationship patterns, and thinking and help you to find better ways to cope with the stresses of life. I can support you in positive lifestyle changes that can help with depression, such as building your support network, exercise, nutrition, improved sleep,  and stress reduction techniques.

How you feel in the presence of your therapist, including hopefully feeling safe, comfortable and supported, has been repeatedly shown to be the most influential factor in client outcomes. This article discusses what to look for in a therapist. Feel free to contact me to set up an initial consultation to explore how I can help you and whether we feel like a “fit.”