On Grief…time for grief

Grief and loss have their own timeline. Everybody grieves differently, just as they fall in love differently. There is no right way to do it. Try to be gentle with yourself when you’re grieving. Worrying or criticizing yourself about how you’re doing grief just makes it hurt more.

Grief comes in waves and continually changes. You might feel like you’ve reached a peaceful place one week, and the next week you can’t stop crying. That’s normal. Find ways to be kind and patient with yourself.

Grief is complicated because other feelings come along for the ride – anger, guilt, regret, fear. It can get so intense…but it always passes and always will. So many people agree that facing difficult times makes you stronger, and your life is destined to get better and better.

It’s OK to grieve even if the breakup was the right thing. It’s OK to grieve even if the parent you lost let you down over and over. It’s OK to grieve even if it seems like nobody else is grieving around you. It is always OK to grieve what you need to grieve.

If it feels overwhelming, therapy can definitely help. There are so many layers to explore, so many waves to surf. Don’t try to do it alone!

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