Do you have thoughts and feelings that don’t respond to logic?

Rapid Resolution Therapy (or RRT) works directly with the mind to painlessly eliminate unconscious conflicts blocking desired change.

Do you have troubling memories that have continued to affect you?

Have you become aware that some thoughts, feelings, and behaviors have happened automatically and without your conscious control?

Rapid Resolution Therapy™ (RRT) is a holistic and creative modality that promotes healing and positive change. RRT uses simple, purposeful language to gently and powerfully shift the way the subconscious mind has been interpreting thoughts and sensations.

RRT works directly with the conscious and subconscious aspects of the mind to painlessly eliminate unconscious conflicts blocking desired change. RRT clears negative effects of past experiences and the distorted beliefs that had been related to them, without reliving painful memories.

RRT can be used with any kind of distressing patterns of thought or behaviour. It is very helpful in the treatment of anxiety, trauma, PTSD, grief, or relapse prevention. You can experience a shift after just one session.

RRT is unlike anything else I’ve experienced or heard of. It’s very creative and unique. It would not be useful to imagine what a session would be like. Just imagine how you want to be thinking and feeling afterward!

I absolutely love doing RRT sessions. It is a thrill and an honor to help people transform and clear old stuff and then, when I check in a week later, hear about significant shifts that have happened.

Here is what some of my past participants have said about their experiences (all after one session). I wouldn’t normally quote clients, but they all specifically asked me to quote them to pass on the word about how much they benefited from it.

“I left thinking ‘that was kind of cool and strange,’ but the next day the most amazing peace came over me. Things have just continued to fall into place ever since.”

“Ever since the RRT session, I feel like a different person. Things don’t bother me that used to bother me. I was notified of [something stressful], and I just shrugged and took it in stride.”

“I honestly never thought that I could view my trauma in the way that I do right now. I’m excited about the future and how I will continue to grow.”

(With tears) “I am just so grateful. I feel like I have my life back again.”

“I feel so alive and happy. I had the most peaceful and restful sleep last night. I cannot thank you enough.”

“When I think about my old job, now I just think about the bliss that I created by moving on.”

I look forward to talking with you if you have any questions or if you’d like to try it for yourself.