Gender & Sexuality

Gender identity, sexual orientation, culture, and lifestyle are multi-dimensional expressions unique to every individual.

And they are only one dimension of you.

Stress & Anxiety

Stress and anxiety are very common in our world. Therapy can help you sort through your concerns and priorities.

Let’s do it.

Therapy for Couples & Other Constellations

Learning to repair ruptures in the relationship can lead to improved connection, trust, and intimacy.

I offer a safe & supportive environment for exploration.


Transitions and Challenges in Live and Love

Transitions and Challenges in Life and Love

When we feel understood and connected, we can take the necessary steps toward healing, growth, and change.

Inquire about my services.


A hallmark of depression is how overwhelmed & hopeless you can feel. Good job reaching out.

I feel you.

Grief & Loss

Whether your loss was unexpected or happened after an agonizing decline, death or the end of important relationships affect us deeply.

Do this for yourself.

Rapid Resolution Therapy

RRT works directly with the mind to painlessly eliminate unconscious conflicts blocking desired change.

I will help you put memories and automatic patterns where they belong.

Body Image

We are inundated with pressure to conform to a certain body image in terms of size, gender expression, and appearance.

I meet you at your image of yourself.


It’s time to reclaim your sexuality. Most of us weren’t raised to feel comfortable talking about sex, desire, or masturbation.

Let’s talk about sex. Bring it on!